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Welcome to Ride on GSX-R!

Hi, Thanks for visiting to my poor English page. This page -NOT SITE- is a tryout version of Japanese domestic "Ride on GSX-R!" for the world. :-)

I don't have enough English skills, and I know there are lots of mistakes in the pages. But I will try to build and correct them up step by step, little by little. Please look forward to next version up. 

...But I don't know when it comes. :-P


What's New?

Dec. 28, 2015

As I wrote in japanese pages, I've changed my moto from my GSX-R750K4 to a small Honda, GB250 Clubman.

I mean, This page, Ride on GSX-R will never be updated.

I never delete the page from the web server, and my email address is still active, so you can see the page, and you can contact to me anytime you want. :-)

Many thanks!


Last update
Here is a great GSX750F Racer. Don't get me wrong. It is NOT typo. Not GSX-R750F, It is a GSX750F Racer.
See and enjoy Luigi's GREAT website from the link below!

Jul. 12, 2011

Have you seen a rainbow?

I saw a huge rainbow today.^^ Just want to let you know.

..Fummm, The website in the traditional style (like this site) is not good for writing diarly...

If you want to know my daily life, see my Facebook page.^^

Mar. 20, 2011

Thanks Friends, I'm OK

On Mar. 11th, the huge earth quake and tsunami attacked our country, and the nuclear power station at Fukushima has been dameged. We Japanese people faces really serious circumstances now. I received many emails from the world, all of them asked me if I was OK or NOT. Thanks my friends, I'M OK, and my familly and friends, too.

I live in Osaka city, it exists at the west area of Japan, It is 600km away from Fukusina. So I have no damage from the earth quake and tsunami.

But in fact, many people killed and injured by the disaster. I am really irritated that I cannot do anything for them.

Thanks for taking care of us.

Feb. 05, 2010

I've got an email from my Friend in France, Fred.
He is a great GIXXER brochures collector.
He scanned over 600 pages of brouchers of SACS GSX-R, and uploaded them onto the internet. Wao~^^
See and enjoy his GREAT collections from the link below!

Jan. 01, 2010

  • And a happy 25th anniversary of the GSX-R series!
  • Ride On!!

Jul. 30, 2009

Jan. 26, 2009

  • A Happy Chinese new year!! :)
  • Update SACS page.Thans for your info, Joe. :)

Jan. 01, 2009

  • Wish you have many happy things with your GIXXER!
  • Ride On!!

Oct. 30, 2008

  • Updated the history of SACS, the engine code of GR7AD, '90 R750L's. 
  • Thanks for your info, Julien from France! :)

Jul. 11, 2008

  • Renewed the background photo of index.html from R750L to R750K4.

May. 07, 2008

  • I changed my GSX-R from R750L "AGEHA" to R750K4 "Friender". His name is from an old Japanese TV animation.

Here's a photo of my new R750K4.
He's so cool, and runs very fast and smooth. it's enough to me.

Haha, this dog is an original "Friender". :)

Jan. 01, 2008

  • A Happy New year!

Dec. 25, 2007

  • A merry Xmas to All Gixxers around the world!

I've got a xmas card from The Netherlands. :-)
Thanks a lot, Jasper!

  • Musics were removed from the top page.

Nov. 24, 2007

Aug. 27, 2007

Aug. 02, 2007

May. 19, 2007

Apr. 09, 2007

  •  Spring has come to my town. :-)

Japanese Cerry Blossoms

Mar. 07, 2007

Jan. 29, 2007

  •  Corrected Model Code page. (Classifications of piston displacement R/S/T )

Jan 17, 2007

Jan 01, 2007

  • A Happy New year!

Nov 02, 2006

Oct 23, 2006

Sep 25, 2006

  • Updated GSX-R Days. (Below this page)

Aug 16, 2006

  • Updated GSX-R Days. (Below this page)

Aug 09, 2006

Aug 06, 2006

  • Updated GSX-R Days. (Below this page)

Aug 05, 2006

Aug 04, 2006

Jul 12, 2006

Jul 09, 2006

Mar 27, 2006

  • Updated GSX-R Days. (Below this page)

Mar 16, 2006

  • Updated GSX-R Days. (Below this page)

Mar 08, 2006

  • Updated GSX-R Days. (Below this page)

Jan 24, 2006

Jan 01, 2006

The Screenshot of MacOS8.6 Japanese Edition.
It gives me a new year message every year. :-)

  • A Happy New Year!

GSX-R Days

To tell the truth, I crashed on the race track with Ageha
last month  (Oct. 16th, 2007) .... :-( 

I owed the lungs sprain, and fractured ten ribs and a right collarbone, and Ageha owed serious damages, too.

I have already left hospital, but she is still broken....
Yes, it's only a racing accident, but I might lose her due to this accident.

Ageha gave birh to her son??


It's a Suzuki's Japanese Domestic model called "GAG".
Only 50cc, but "Suzuki Advanced Comical System" is inside it.
See Suzukicycles.org for more infos about GAG.

I'm happy to show this video to all Suzuki and Yoshimura fans!

The Team Yoshimura Suzuki with JOMO #34 won the race of SUZUKA 8hours in Jul. 29th 2007.

This is the third victory of Yoshimura,
and the first victory of the suzuki GSX-R series.

I was waiting this victory for a long time...

In May. 19, 2007, Ageha met the legend of SUZUKI Racing History again!
The owner of this Autograph is.....
Mr.Keiichi Kitagawa, the world champion of FIM World Endurance Championship 2005-2006.

And Tatsuwo met the champ, too. :-)

GSX-R750 Transition from Youtube!

In Oct. 18, 2006, Ageha ran thorugh the Okayama International Circuit again.

Tatsuwo enjoyed racing at Kinki Sports Land. :-) The race was called "NoriNori-Tai", 3 hours endurance race with Suzuki GS50.  No.7 is Tatsuwo,  and the result is 19th of the class.

AGEHA passed the compulsory automobile inspection( "SYAKEN" in Japanese) today. It comes every two years, and it costs about 26000yen to pass. :-(

The fireworks festival (HANABI TAIKAI) was held at my hometown in Aug. 05, 2006.

See how it is beautiful!
fireworks2006.avi (10MB)

Japanese fireworks is the best of the world.

In 2006. Jul. 8, I went to ASAN Circuit in SHIKOKU. The circuit is at the top of mountain, so the weather changes quickly.Shine, cloudy, rain, cloudy, rain, fog, and shine again... The race track was not good at this time, but I love this location.

Ageha wears new bodyworks. 

I painted it all. It was very hard work for me. I‘m poor at painting...:-(

I set a SPECIAL TANK on my Ageha today.There are 6 autographs of Suzuki Racing History Legends on it.Mr.Etsuo Yokouchi, Mr.Fujio Yoshimura, Mr.Kunio Asagawa, Mr.Satoshi Tsujimoto, Mr.Masaru Mizutani, and Mr.Atsushi Watanabe. I keep a space for Mr.Kevin Schwantz's autograph, I hope he will sign on my Ageha someday.

I wish I had a chance to meet Mr.Hideo Yoshimura....

A digital speed meter (Digital Monitor Speed) has been installed into my GSXR. It shows speed(~400km/h), trip(2ways), odd, max speed(2ways), and a clock. The LED back light included in the meter.

In 2005.Nov.23, I went to the Okayama International Cirecuit. The weather condition was fine, And also the feeling of Ageha's motor was very good.

In Sep. 2005, I and Ageha went to Hokkaido for 10 days. It takes a day from Osaka to Hokkaido by ferry.But Hokkaido is a paradise of the motorcycle. There is no signal, and a long straight and winding road leads us to the horizon.

We ran 4000km or more in this touring :-)

Left:Mr.Etsuo YOKOUCHI Right:Tatsuwo

This weekend, I went to the SUZUKI secret meeting at Hamamatsu. The meeting called "SRHN-Suzuki Racing History Network", arranged by Mr.Tomokazu YOSHIKAWA. He is a real SUZUKI motorcycle and its racing history enthusiast.
The meeting was held some times for the past, but unfortunately I couldn't attend there though I had invitations....
So, it was my first attendance, and it was........ What can I say?

A Stepping tachometer "5 in 1 guage" has been installed into my GSXR (AGEHA). It shows Revolutions, temp(2 ways), Oil pressur, and Shift timing lights. Now it works for Revs, Oil temp, and Shift timing only.The LEDs blink at 11,000rpm, very exciting!

On the Race Track...

In 2004.May.11, I went to "Suzuki Ride on Festa" at Mai-Shima, Osaka to try Suzuki new models. I rode GSX-R1000K4 and ST250. Unfortunately, brand-new GSX-R750 couldn't be ride at this time, but it was displayed just like this......
Everyone can fell how this bike can lean. But who ride it? :-)

In 2003.May.19, We -Ageha and kai- went to the park near the Osaka Itami International Airport.

In 2002.Nov.18, Ageha and I enjoyed the circuit-running at TI circuit AIDA.
The weather condition was not better, but the feeling of Ageha's motor was very good.

In 2002.Apr.29, six gixxers gathered to Lake Biwa.

From the left to the right, R750F > R750H > R750J > R750L > R1100M > R1100WR

Black painted R750H and R750J are the Japanese Limited Edition called " The Black Rain ". The name originates in the Hollywood movie in which a gixxer appears. Osaka -my home town- is the stage of the movie.