The history of SACS Engine

Now I'm making content of my Japanese Edition.The content is about the history of SACS engine. It past 18 years or more since SACS system appeared, and there are many motorcycles with that system. But I have never seen a table about the relation between the Model-Code and the Engine-Code.

For example, the model code of My R750L is GR7AA and it has a R716 type SACS engine. But the Japanese domestic R750L's model code is GR7AC and it has a R719 type engine.

I need your help to survey the relation. Please let me know about your SACS motorcycle. Not only GSX-R series, but also GSF, GSX, Bandit welcome!

Email from here, and write the relation simply. When it starts from JS1, please write from the 4th to 8th characters. The model code will be found at the neck of your motorcycle, and the engine code will be found near the oil filler cap on right side of your motor. First 4 characters is your engine code.

 ex) 90R750L / GR7AA / R716 / your comment

When the table will be completed, I'll try to translate it in English.

Thanks in advance.

750cc Family

Model Name Model Code Engine Code Displacement Model Year Comments
Early GSX-R750
GSX-R750 GR71F R705 749cc 85 Japanese Domestic
GSX-R750 GR71G R705 749cc 86-87 Japanese Domestic
GSX-R750 GR75A R705 749cc 85-87 Europe General, 100bhp, First SACS Engine.
GSX-R750R GR71G R705 749cc 86 Japanese limited edition ( Dry clutch, Yoshi color )
GSX-R750R GR75A R705 749cc 86 Europe limited Edition ( Dry clutch, tricolor )
Slingshot GSX-R750
GSX-R750 GR77A R707 748cc 88 Europe General, North America, Australia, Displacement changed
GSX-R750 GR77C R710 748cc 88 Japanese Domestic, Based on R707
GSX-R750 GR77D 748cc 88 Switzerland Domestic
GSX-R750 GR77A 748cc 89 Europe General, North America ( Starts from JS1 code )
GSX-R750 GR77C R710 748cc 89 Japanese Domestic, 3-5th gear changed from '88J R710 (Japan Only)
GSX-R750 GR77D 748cc 89 Switzerland Domestic
GSX-R750R GR79A R713 749cc 89 Europe Limited RR (500 for the world), 10mm Spark Plug, Sweden
GSX-R750R GR79B R714 749cc 89 Europe Limited RR (500 for the world)
GSX-R750R GR79C R715 749cc 89 Japanese Limited RR (500 for Japanese), Restricted the power under 77ps
GSX-R750 GR7AA-B R716 749cc 90 Europe General, North America ( Starts from JS1 code), Displacement changed again, 10mm Spark Plug
GSX-R750 GR7AC R719 749cc 90 Japanese Domestic, Switzerland Domestic
GSX-R750 GR7AD R718 749cc 90 France Domestic
GSX-R750 GR7AA-B R716 749cc 91 Europe General,,North America ( Starts from JS1 code), Rocker arm changed
GSX-R750 GR7AC R719 749cc 91 Japanese Domestic
Other SACS Engine models based on R750
GSX-F750 GR78A R712 748cc 89-97 Japanese Domestic, based on R710 engine, short stroke
GSX-F750 749cc 98- 70mm bore, Long stroke, Round shape
GSX750 INAZUMA R730 749cc 98- Europe General, Gun-Metallic painted SACS, Based on GSF750's R730, 85ps
GSF750 Bandit GR7EA R730 749cc 96- Japanese Domestic, Silver painted SACS, 77ps
GSX-F600 GN72A 599cc 88-97 Edge Shape
GSX-F600 N717 599cc 98- Round Shape
GSF600 /S Bandit GN77A-B N713 599cc 94-99
Bandit600 (/s) JS1A8112
599cc 00- U.S, Canada and U.K. model, New frame
GSX400 INAZUMA GK7BA K717 399cc 97- Japanese Domestic, 399cc 53ps, Bore down from R730 or GN77's, Smallest SACS engine.

Red cells still unknown.

1100cc Family

Model Name Model Code Engine Code Displacement Model Year Comments
Early GSX-R1100
GSX-R1100 GU74A U703 1052cc 86-88 Europe General, First 1052cc SACS engine
GSX-R1100 GU74B U704 1052cc 86-88 For France, W. Germany, Power Restricted?
Slingshot GSX-R1100
GSX-R1100 GV73A-B V710 1127cc 89-90 Europe General
GSX-R1100 GV73A-B V710 1127cc 91-92 Europe General, North America ( Starts from JS1 code), Cam chain and Rocker arm changed from '90 V710, but the code never changed.
Other SACS Engine models based on R1100
GSX-F1100 GV72A V706 1127cc 88- Europe General, North America ( Starts from JS1 code), First 1127cc SACS Engine
GSX-F1100 GV72B V707 1127cc 88- For Finland, Norwegen, Blelgien, Niederland, Italiy, Spanish market
GSX-F1100 GV72C V708 1127cc 88- For Germany, Schweden market
GSX1100G GV74G V718 1127cc 91- North America, Shuft driven SACS, Rocker arm system unknown
GSF1200/S GV75A V719 1156cc 95-99 World wide General (Include Japanese), First 1156cc SACS engine, Silent cam chain
GSX1200 INAZUMA GV76A V719 1156cc 98- World wide General (Include Japanese),
Ex cam changed from GSF1200 V719, Carb changed to CVR32 with TPS from BST36ss GSF1200 V719
Bandit1200(/S) GV77A
JS1A9112 (/S)
V719 1156cc 01- World wide General (Include Japanese), New frame, carb changed to BSR36 with TPS from CVR32 INAZUMA V719
GS1200ss GV78A V719 1156cc 01- Japanese Domestic, Same engine / Carb INAZUMA V719
Bandit1200(/S) GV79A
V720 1156cc 06 World Wide General.
Transmission ratio Changed from V719.
GV79B is for ABS Model.
1400cc Family
GSX1400 GY71A Y701 1401cc 01- World wide General (Include Japanese), All new SACS Engine, F.I.

Difference of SACS Engine between 750cc family and 1100cc family

When you try to make 7/11 or 11/7, you have to know the difference of crank case mount bolt size.

The mount bolt of red arrow are different from all 750cc / early 1100cc and late 1100cc's.

10mm in diameter bolts used for all 750cc family's and earl 1100cc, and 12mm for  late 1100cc('89-) family.That is, you have to change the size of engine mount plate holes.

Other mount size and places are same each other.