KANJI characters


In 1980, SUZUKI adopted KANJI character as the name of a motorcycle for the first time. " KATANA ", it means a kind of sword in Japanese. And SUZUKI used the KANJI not only as a character but also as a picture.

HAYABUSA, it means a falcon in Japanese. In case of KATANA, the emblem was designed combining the KANJI and the illustration of a sword. But in this case, the KNANJI character only.

Japanese people feel the alphabet letters cool and smart. So, the alphabet is used for the names of most domestic motorcycles and cars. GSX-R, CBR, FZR, ZZ-R, VTR, TW, TZR, KSR, Sky Wave and so on.

But I heard European people feel the KANJI characters cool. Is it true? I can't believe it. :-)

Okay, anyway, I'll try to introduce some cool KANJI characters to you.

Cool Japanese Kanji

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SANZOKU - Bandit

KAMINARI - thunder

KAGAYAKI - shine

WASHI - eagle

TAKA - hawk

KISHI - knight

TSUBASA - wings

KAKERU - gallop

SYUMBA - racing horse


OOKAMI - wolf

TORA - Tiger

HYOU - Panther


KIRIN - a kind of Dragon in Japanese


Hangyaku shya - Rebel

- Shark

AI - Love

Kaizoku - pirate

KANNPEKI - Perfect

SEIKOU - Success


SONKEI - Respect

HENSHIN - Metamorphosis

TYUU - Loyalty

KUMA - Bear

EIYUU - Hero

KAIJYU - Monster

- Tusk / Fang

SUBARU - the Pleiades

KAZE - Wind
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Kanji for Motorcycles

SUZUKI - KANAJI character

There are 5 major motorcycle makers - Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Yoshimura - in this country. They all originate in a founder's name. SUZUKI MOTOR was founded by Mr. Osamu Suzuki 82 years ago as a weaving machine company. SUZUKI is one of the most popular family name in Japan. So, ICHIRO - a most successful Japanese baseball player- is not related to SUZUKI MOTOR.
The Kanji character has a original meaning with one character each. However, generally, when used for the family name, the meaning of a character is notimportant. It is the same as Carpenters brothers and sisters' occupation is not necessarily a painter. Anyway, the meanings of those Kanji characters are as follows.

First character 'SUZU' means a bell. Next character 'KI' means a tree. So, SUZUKI means a bell tree in Japanese.( Maybe, it means a forest or woods in this case. A character of 'SUZU' has other meaning as 'many'. But for a forest or a woods, we have another Kanji characters. )

First character 'YAMA' means a mountain. Next character 'HA' means a leaf or leaves. So, YAMAHA means 'mountain leaves' in Japanese.

A major meaning of the first character ' HON' is a book. But in this case, I think it means 'real thing or essence'. Next character 'DA' means a rice field. So, HONDA means a essence of rice field. It is the same as 'the essence of things'.

First character 'KAWA' means a river. Next character 'SAKI' means a cape. So, KAWASAKI means a cape of river.

First character 'YOSHI' means a good luck or good fortune. Next character 'MURA' means a village. So, YOSHIMURA means a good luck village. It is a very auspicious family name I think.

First character 'SUZU' is the same as 'SUZU-KI''s. It means a bell. And the second character 'KA' means a deer. So 'SUZU-KA' means a bell and a deer.

This is a pic of the OFFICIAL SUZUKA RACE TROPHY. You can see the deer dangled a bell.

RIKU-OH was one of Japanese motorcycle makers before. But it's not exsist now. The motor was exactly like early Harley Davidson's. Because Japan was under occupation by U.S.A.

First character "RIKU" means a land. Next means a King in Japanese. So the "RIKU-OH" means a King of Land.