Why " Sea Bass " appears?

When you try to browse the Japanese Motorcycle websites through the translation service, I think you wonder why ' Sea Bass -a kind of fish- ' appears often on your display.

There are another character called Hiragana and Katakana in Japanese language. There is no independent meaning in a Hiragana / Katakana character. It shows only the sound just like alphabet. We write texts combining Kanji characters and Hiragana / Katakana characters. So when SUZUKI typed using Katakana, the translation service cannot to judge the meaning. Another Japanese motorcycle makers, HONDA, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI and YOSHIMURA, the sounds of those names does not have plural meanings, but SUZUKI has.

The translation service will not make a wrong translation when SUZUKI typed using KANJI, but we don't write Kanji characters for SUZUKI MOTOR usually but Katakana.

Here's a Kanji character for Sea Bass. When you can see it, you can find the difference from SUZUKI MOTOR's easily. But both characters sound same 'SUZUKI '.


Both Kanji Characters sounds same..." SUZUKI "
Left character means a ' Sea Bass ', and the right for Suzuki Motor.

Usually, we type both of them in Katakana just like this.

But when it typed, the automatic translator cannot judge the meanings.

This is why you have to see " Sea Bass " on your screen again and again. So when the Sea Bass appears, you have to translate it into SUZUKI MOTOR again.