Tips to enjoy Japanese web sites

There are Two big problems to browse the Japanese web sites for the Europeans.

First, Japanese people are not good at English. We have to learn English in the school for three years or more, but unfortunately, there is no chance to use it in this country. So we forget how to use. And Japanese people are very shy. We are afraid that our poor English -just like mine- fuddles you. This is the first reason why you cannot find out the Japanese web site written in English.

The second is a difference of the character-code. You are sure to know there is Chinese character called 'KANJI ' in this country. But your PC does not display it. Why?

The answer is blowing in the wi.....No. The answer is in your PC.The character-code and the fonts. My PC - accurately Mac - can display both Alphabet and 'KANJI' characters. Because they has already been installed in my PC when I bought. So if you want to see 'KANJI' characters on your display, the solution is to install Japanese Environment in yours. If you use Macintosh, upgrade to OS 8.6 or later.I heard it has Japanese Fonts.

For example

However, I guess you should be tired from understanding Japanese even if you can see 'KANJI' characters. :-)

So when you want to see pics of motorcycles in Japanese web site, the only way you have to do is...

Click! Click! Click!!!
Click Every Hyper Links until Crick!