Automatic Translation Service

I know that many foreign people access and brows to my Japanese pages through the automatic translation service. Yes, it's my great pleasure, but it makes me trouble from misunderstanding sometime.

Altavista, Wroldlingo, Infoseek, Amikai, Systranbox.....There are lot of service in the world, but there is NO SERVICE to fit to translate Japanese language into European language -English, Dutch, French, Italian, Deutsch, and so on. I know the service makes good translation results from English to French / Italian, but from Japanese to other language, it dose NOT works well. I tried all the service over and over and over again, but still not good enough. Why the Japanese language is not fit for the translation service? The reasons are very complicated and I don't have English skills to explain....

I don't want to close the door of my Japanese pages from foreign access, so please don't swallow the translation results. When you get the strange feeling from the results, contact me to ascertain my true meaning before you get angry or regret.

Translation Tester

I made a translation test page in Japanese. Click here and brows it through the translation service. Both paragraph has same meaning in Japanese, but the results are different.