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Since: Jan. 01, 2000.
Last Modified Date:Oct. 19. 2022.

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SACS Model

Pic 1

If you're looking for infos of the oil cooled (SACS) models, you can find them from this section.

I owned GSX-R750L(1990 model) from 1999 to 2007. But she's gone with the racing accident... RIP, Ahega.

  • Records of maintenances and modifies are HERE.
  • Note: All of the contents are unwarranted.
  • Do it yourself at your own risk.

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Water Cooled Model

Pic 2

Since 2008, I ride on GSX-R750K4(2004 model). He is the most powerful and sleek motorcycle I have ever owned. Trust me. He's really fast!

I can't imagine how fast the recent models run...

It still keeps normal shape, and I don't want to modify any more. It's enough for me.

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Red Apple 25thAnniversary kompozer